Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Greetings Race Nuts!

Welcome to The Indy Air Race 2012! Special thanks to our sponsors, Aerodine Composites, Montgomery Aviation, Extend-a-Suites, and the Hendricks County Aviation Association.

It’s been said that “It’s a big country – you need a fast airplane,” and we agree!

The Sport Air Racing League exists to promote open course air racing for experimental and production aircraft. If we happen to be 500 feet off the deck with everything forward and racing against the clock, all the better!

With the increasing proliferation of high performance experimental aircraft comes a need for a racing league for experimental pilot/owners who do not have the deep pockets necessary to race at Reno, even in the Sport Class. And we're not leaving out the production classes. Every race nut is welcome.

A safe racing environment is made accessible to people without specific racing experience or training by starting the racers at timed intervals, in a fastest-first starting order.

Races in this league are 100 to 400 miles in length and are primarily a proving ground for aircraft performance enhancements in power plant and aerodynamic/configuration.

Safety is stressed and participation by anyone with a valid pilot’s license and an airworthy aircraft is encouraged.

For the second consecutive year, the Sport Air Racing League is proud to announce

The Indy Air Race
Saturday, August 11, 2012
KTYQ Indy Executive Airport

There is NO CHARGE to come to a Sport Air Racing League event; you only pay race entry fees if you race. Whether you’re coming to race, or just watch the fun, come join us – it’s racing for the rest of us!

Join us for the pre-race party Friday night (RSVP appreciated) and the race Saturday morning. For more information, and to join the Sport Air Racing League read the rest of this site and visit

Fly Fast!

Linda Street-Ely, Race Director
Mike Thompson, Chairman, Sport Air Racing League

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